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The whole thing makes no sense to me, because I am happy to see any bitch in a bikini, she doesn’t need to really know how to pose, she just has to be wearing the shit, but I’m not really complaining, because without bikini models, everyday girls wouldn’t put the effort into going to the gym and trying to get that bikini body they see in the magazines and catalogs and everyone would be slobby fat chicks…..Sure seeing her with the shit untied and jacked up her ass is pretty fucking amazing, but it’s the same old boring shit, I’d rather see her model her bikini spread eagled with the shit hanging out of her gaping cunt, but that’s just me….In January 2006 Kennedy began an internship at his office, to fulfill a requirement from her high school for graduation.Hunter's web site featured photos of celebrities at various parties, to which he began bringing Kennedy.Pics via Bauer The nice thing about American Apparel is that the brand is created and run by a total fucking pervert, and as a total fucking pervert, part of me has to love and respect his ability to take his fetishes to the mainstream and make millions off the shit, when really he just wanted to see every single girl in the world wear a t-shirt make out of thin cotton with no bra so that he could see their nipples, and some how became an overpriced revolution….a revolution that has made going to the beach, the public pool, the mall, the movies, the night clubs a little more exciting than it used to be, because I know I’ll see at least one bitch in a see through or semi-see through shirt….Here’s Charlotte Gainsbourg wearing what looks like an American Apparel bathing suit that didn’t really hold up when it got wet, because I can see her fucking bush….because American Apparel is made cheaper than a thai prostitute, but people pay crazy prices to be part of the craze and all I really have to say to this bitch is that we get that she’s french, obscure and thinks she’s an artist, but seriously, bush even on hipsters and hippies is too obvious and played out…I get that brazilians became mainstream and bush became trendy, but I know these pictures would be better if I could see lip, cuz pussy lip is my fetish, not that you care.But the host hasn’t given up his quest to spread tips on how to live the good life on a…By Elizabeth Wagmeister Daphne Oz is leaving ABC’s daytime foodie talk show “The Chew,” Variety has confirmed.

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I’m pretty introverted and I love plants and my cat, Kitty. I’m a wise vault when it comes to music because it plays such a strong part in my life and it always has. People always ask about how or what kind of set lists I made, and truth be told I’ve never made one because I need to feel the vibe of the crowd I’m working with so we can actually all enjoy what I play.

The first one was quite a yuppy town, Manhattan Beach.

Usually, I’m with my cat and a huge bowl of ravioli, where I then pass out, wake up and get antsy and stroll around my neighborhood to meet my friends.

Or it could be the opposite—being picked up in a fancy car to attend a movie premiere and have that glamour side to my life.


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