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Any age, any gender any anything really I am up for it.Please inquire about how I might help your group or event and how we might work together on a collaboration.Below is a chart that shows the distribution of delegates that have historically attended Litigation Funding Conferences.Note: The distribution is fairly consistent at all Litigation Funding Conference events.

The vast majority of delegates are senior executives from the firms they represent.I can gracefully entertain any type of crowd in any type of venue and am very flexible with my formats. I can speak to teens about honoring and respecting their body’s and others and well as to parent groups about talking to their kids about sex.I can rock a super sexy event and keep everyone laughing.I am available to speak at your private or public event and I love to do them.I am happy to be a keynote speaker, guest lecture, support for someone else, the entertainment, or anything else we may decide.At least a third of the attendees were parents, either chaperoning their children, acting as go-betweens for the more bashful, or brokering deals with other parents for arranged romances.


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