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Fixed issue where Infobar is cleared when play next file in a playlist 9.Fix for Wi Fi issue: WPA-PSK / WPA2PSK[TKIP AES] connection failure 10.Because the favourites are then saved online, they can be called up again following updates such as those mentioned above or after a network reset.

Simply click on the person's name on the left, then select 'Send a personal message to XXXX' - It's a sure system and the rest of the forum can't see it then could I please have some help I have this tv I downloaded the software files and pu them on a blank stick I followed the instructions and now it wont even turn on does anyone know which is the epprom I can buy a new one for 21 but don't know where it is on the board *******update*********(sorry for not replying sooner)************ after having to use the update a couple of times since i last posted my tv has too just died on me mid way through requesting the update D'x but as i mentioned in my first post that this isn't a 100% guaranteed fix (the manufacturer told me themselves that it would mean that the fault causing the tv to require the update is now preventing the update and essentially bricking your (read: my) tv....

AVR X1100W/AVR X1200W / X2100W /AVR X2200W/ X3100W /AVR X3200W: Hold down the " ZONE 2 SOURCE " and " DIMMER " buttons simultaneously whilst powering the unit on AVR X4100W /AVR X4200W/ AVR X5200W /AVR X6200W/ AVR X7200W : Hold down the " CURSOR UP " and " DOWN " buttons simultaneously whilst powering the unit on 2. After a while, the unit will go back automatically in normal operation mode. If a firmware update can still not be carried out via the network, in most cases it is possible to perform it manually using USB stick (available for non Auro upgraded models only): The firmware including instructions can be downloaded here.

If a firmware update can also not be carried out via USB, please contact your retailer for the purpose of conducting checks.

Extended unicode string support for Hebrew Right-To-Left. Fixes for music Now Playing screen - Cover art image now is up to 2MB.

Added support for mkv prepend compression for h264 tracks 4.


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