Who is zac hanson dating

“It’s more true to who we are and what we want to build into our kids’ identities.

I’m a proud family man.” Isaac added, “We didn’t want our kids raised in a place plagued by smog and plastic surgery.” RELATED: Hanson to 'MMMBop' and globetrot for huge 25th anniversary tour They also said living in a more rural state has allowed them to continue their business on their terms.

The band has continued to record albums after creating their own label, 3CG.

While not replicating the commercial success of their major label efforts, the brothers have continued to make their way in the indie market while spearheading African charity work.

At the time, Isaac was eleven, Taylor was nine, and Zac was six.

“We’ve made choices to be defined not by who we are, but the things that we make,” youngest brother Zac told TODAY.

But unlike a lot of other young stars who are suddenly thrust into the spotlight, this talented trio didn't implode under the bright lights.

Zac, now 31 (go ahead, we'll wait while you stop freaking out) credits Hanson's smaller scale hometown success in Tulsa for preparing them, more or less, for the craziness that accompanied In an exclusive interview with E!

News, Zac recalls playing "a lot of concerts in Oklahoma" prior to 1997.

"It wasn't like every once in a while we'd do a show... ' And so I think those things were helpful, like it was a little bit of preparation that made it possible.", the brothers continued to sell records and concert tickets to their loyal core fan base. I want you to give me the money to make an album.' And so, you have this relationship, which is how the whole music industry culture has been built for generations now…and that's natural."But in Hanson's case, the disconnect between the band and its label seemed to be holding them back.


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